There are two trips being offered in 2021:

1. Peru – Youth Mission Trip

  • Dates: July 24 - August 3, 2021.
  • Open to Individuals 15 – 17.
  • Cost: $2,450.  Includes round trip airfare between Miami and Peru. Travel to and from Miami not included .

2. Peru - Young Adult Mission Trip

  • Dates: August 2 - August 16, 2021.
  • Open to Individuals 18 – 23.
  • Cost: $2,450.  Includes round trip airfare between Miami and Peru. Travel to and from Miami not included .






All prospective missionaries must fill out the Online Application. BE sure to send all required documentation.

The deadline for applications is January 1, 2021.

In addition to your Application Form, you must also send in a $200 deposit.

Make your deposit through PayPal go to the "Donate" tab on this website. Just make sure to specify your name and trip, and you will have to cover the PayPal fee, so make your payment for $203.00

Deposit checks should be made payable to: “Mission Tradition". In the memo line: "Missionaries Name and Trip". Deposit checks are refundable  until Feb 1, 2021.

Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter - Mission Tradition
450 Venard Road
South Abington Township, PA 18411

The deadline is January 1, 2021.

After receiving your Application Form we will contact you for an interview (over the phone). Following the interview we will send you an email to let you know whether you are accepted and provide further information as to how to prepare for the trip, what to bring, etc.

PIURA PERU: You should register as soon as possible as space is limited and fills up quickly. (See the “How many spaces are available?” question below…)

PIURA Peru: Roundtrip airfare from point of departure (Miami) is included. We will meet together at the appointed airport and travel together as a group to Piura and back. You are responsible for arranging your own travel to/from our point of departure.

Most missionaries, especially youth missionaries, do fundraising in order to raise the necessary money to go on the mission trip. In every parish you will find many generous benefactors who cannot themselves go on such a trip but want to share in the spiritual benefits of the work that is done.

For information on how to fundraise, click on the “Apply” tab and download our “Fundraising Packet.”

Benefactors can donate on this website by clicking here:

Or send a check to: Mission Tradition 450 Venard Road  South Abington Township, PA 18411

If you have to withdraw from the trip, your deposit can be refunded until February 1, 2021 but any subsequent payments and donations we receive from benefactors cannot be refunded.

All home bases for our missions are in well-established parishes in large towns. At night our missionaries stay in secured facilities, and in the daytime buses take them to rural areas for work. All missionaries are well-supervised by FSSP priests, seminarians, and adult chaperones at all times.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control website ( to find out about recommended vaccinations and medications for traveling to Mexico and Peru.  We do not require vaccinations; we direct you to the CDC website to make your own decision.

Yes. We require that all missionaries be covered by health insurance that is valid overseas. It is necessary for you to purchase travel insurance that includes health coverage. Travel insurance with health coverage can be purchased here:

Both Guadalajara and Piura have modern hospitals where one is able to receive treatment in the event of a medical emergency. The priests and chaperones will ensure that medical emergencies are handled appropriately, that you are well cared for, and receive the necessary treatment.

Please note that any medical costs incurred that are not covered by your insurance will be the responsibility of the missionary.

Yes. Travel from the US/Canada to Mexico and Peru requires a valid Passport.
An ID/Travel Card is not sufficient.
If you do not have a Passport you will need to apply for one.
The application process can take several weeks so it is best to apply early.
Those who already hold vaild Passports, make sure the expiration date does not occur between now and the dates of travel.
When you have your passport and you apply for a Mission Trip, you need to attach a picture of the passport in the online application.

PIURA: For the Youth trip to Piura, there are a minimum of four lay chaperones, and at least two priests and three seminarians of the Fraternity of St. Peter. This provides a minimum of one adult per four youth missionaries, ensuring proper and adequate supervision for the youth attending. Youth are never permitted to leave the parish facility without being accompanied by an adult chaperone.

GUADALAJARA: For the Mission trips to Guadalajara there will also be priests and seminarians in addition to lay volunteers as chaperones. The exact number of chaperones will depend on the number of missionaries attending but the target ratio is still one adult chaperone per four missionaries.


PERU: Yes. In Peru, we stay in secure dormitories within the parish facility, with separate sleeping quarters for the men and women including separate toilet/shower facilities. The rooms are furnished with beds, sheets, blankets, and towels.

GUADALAJARA: For the Family Mission Trip to Guadalajara accommodations are a bit more penitential. Separate toilet/shower facilities are available but missionaries will sleep in private tents outside in a large walled-in courtyard. A large room with cots is also available for those who are unable to sleep in tents.

PERU: There are 30 spaces available. We try as best we can to split the male/female distribution evenly. This is just a rough target, however, the actual ratio of boys and girls will depend on the applications received.

GUADALAJARA: For the Guadalajara mission trip, there are currently no space limitations, although this could change depending on how many application we receive.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: We take between 18-24 missionaries.


A number of factors go into how we determine who is an acceptable missionary candidate. We want to make sure that all applicants will make good missionaries, be a good Catholic example to those whom they serve, and work well together as a group. For this reason we ask for letters of recommendation that testify to the applicant’s maturity, work ethic, and good morals. We also want to make sure that you do not have any health issues that would make it unpleasant or even dangerous for you to attend.

You may withdraw and receive a refund for your deposit until February 1, 2021. After this we will not be able to refund your deposit unless some medical or personal emergency prevents you from participating.

Please note that any donations submitted on your behalf cannot be refunded. Should you choose to withdraw, your donations will be credited to the general fund.

Yes, there is a waiting list. If spaces should open up, we will notify those on the waiting list in the order that their applications were received. Your deposit check will be held until you are either added to the trip or until the airline tickets are issued (usually six to eight weeks prior to the travel date).

If you are added to the waiting list, you may begin fundraising for the trip if you wish. This may be advantageous because if a spot opens up at the last minute you may not have much time to raise the necessary funds. Should a space not open up for you, the funds you raised will be added to the general fund.