A great gift of God

Well, the mission trip is over. It’s hard to write about something that was so wonderful and full of experiences and learning.

I am certain that this trip and the persons on it will remain in my heart and prayers for the rest of my life.

It was an amazing experience to live with such a group of young catholics, watching them share the faith, have fun and love God. My first experiences with people devoted to the traditional Mass were full of conflict, between rites, with the world and honestly about faith at first I would only hear the “hard parts”, the burden etc. But it was very refreshing to meet a group of Catholics, even if I may call them “traditionalists” (since that term is a bit obscure to me), living without conflicts or complains. Hating what is hateable of the world but still enjoying the good parts. To have the love and enthusiasm of youth, and trying to focus it on God and works that please him instead of seeing religion as only a set of rules or a burden, which in turn, made me meet people who were not embittered by our life of faith. It made me appreciate and love even more the path God has taken me to.

Worth mentioning were also the priests, very different among themselves, but working as a great team, always willing to be that bridge between God and men, and serving as alter Christus,(Alteri Christi) be it by means of the sacraments, listening, chatting or answering questions. And the sisters, whose only presence brought to me a sense of respect and warmth. Curious enough, it was hard for me to call them sisters, since in México and Peru (and perharps Latin América in general) we call them “mothers”; And indeed this was a true family experience for me. Fathers, Mothers (sisters) and lots of brothers in Christ.

It is was a gift for which I can’t be thankful enough. The people received us likewise, like family, with a love for Christ and without conflict. Joyful to live the Mass, to receive communion and to meet this group of smiling and loving missionaries that would travel the world for this experience; and to whom language was never an obstacle that hugs, smiles, prayer, the Mass and even playing around could not overcome.

Many words could I say, and maybe some are worth saying but my English is too bad to describe this experience as I should.

I learned and talked to some more than others, but I take all missionaries in my heart and prayers, all priests, all sisters, all the people I’ve met.
Thank you all who went and who made it possible, and thanks be to our good and merciful God.

Sainthood is and adventure, and surely this mission was part of that Way, which we lovingly call: Jesus.

†In Cordibus Iesu et Mariæ