The Beginning of a Wonderful Experience

After a long wait at the airport, going through customs and security, we finally made it to Piura! We started our adventure by visiting a girls’ home. We were warmly greeted by all the girls and then we proceeded to the chapel for Mass.The girls were so happy to see us: they hugged us and held our hands and just loved being around us. All they want is to show love towards the people who have come from afar to help. Even though there families are gone, they have the most love to give.

Every morning we start with Mass; the most important part of the day. Then we proceed to do various jobs such as building homes, distributing Holy Communion to the elderly and sick, and helping with Bible camps. Every job we have done has been so satisfying to every individual. Helping the people of Piura is very rewarding and they are so grateful for even the smallest thing.

We have a lot to learn from these people; to be grateful for what we have. We have easy access to a priest whereas a lot of these people haven’t been able to receive the Sacraments because of the shortage of priests. Being here has made us rethink all the luxuries we have at home and to appreciate them instead of to expect them.

We are all doing well! We have had a couple of ailments but nothing very serious. So mothers have no fear for  your sons and daughters are doing well!