Family Mission Trip
April 7 - April 19, 2017
(Holy Week & Easter Week)
July 19 - August 1, 2017
Open to: Families (any age) & Individuals 16+
No limit on group size
Cost: $950 (travel not incl.)

Guadalajara, Mexico

“Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel.”

Trip #1 Easter and Holy Week Family Mission Trip
– April 7-19, 2017
– Open to Families (any age) and Individuals 16+
– Cost: $950. (Note that this does not include travel to and from Mexico.)

Trip #2.
– July 19-August 1, 2017
– Open to Families (any age) and Individuals 16+
– Cost: $950. (Note that this does not include travel to and from Mexico.)


Through the witness of their own lives and their sharing of the gospel, the missionary families hope to revive and animate the faith in the towns where they go on mission.

How do we spend Holy Week and Easter Week on mission?

We will camp in the mission site from the Saturday before Palm Sunday until Holy Thursday. On Holy Thursday we will return to Guadalajara to spend the Sacred Triduum in our parish, Our Lady of the Pillar. Easter Week will be spent helping with projects in the FSSP’s apostolate in Guadalajara. The mission will conclude with a pilgrimage by bus to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

What is the mission like?

The missionaries are sent as representatives of the church and their parish. They begin the mission with the Holy Mass wherein each missionary is invested with a cross that designates him an emissary of Christ. At the conclusion of Mass, the missionaries travel to the mission site.

Every morning they are awakened by the cry “Viva Cristo Rey!” The day begins with a meditation on the Passion of Christ so that Our Lord might be the first sustenance the missionaries receive each morning. There is then a meeting to discuss the day’s work, after which the missionaries depart for their assignments. They preach the gospel primarily by sharing their witness of living the faith as a Catholic family.

Each day will, of course, include the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the praying of the rosary.

There are spiritual talks through the week.

Even young children have their role to play as they participate in catechetical classes and activities with the children of the mission village.

The families live together at the camp site, and have plenty of opportunities to build friendships and share their faith.



Youth Mission Trip
July 21 - August 3, 2017
August 5 - 18, 2017
Open to: Youth ages 16 - 21
Cost: $2350 (incl. travel from Miami)

Peru Mission Trips

Youth Mission Trip:
– Trip #1 Dates: July 21 - August 3, 2017
– Trip #2 Dates: August 5 - Aug 18, 2017
– Open to Youth ages 16 – 21
– Cost: $2350. (This includes group roundtrip airfare from Miami.)
– *We reserve the right to consolidate into one trip if the number of missionaries does not support two trips.

This will be our fifth year traveling to Piura, Peru for the Saint Francis Xavier Mission Trip.

We will be assisting in the work of Santisimo Sacramento Parish.
(You may visit their website:

We begin each morning with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Afterwards we receive our work assignments. The parish coordinates a wide arrange of charitable works, including (but not limited to):

  • Helping at an orphanage
  • Distributing food to poor
  • Building houses
  • Teaching English in the parish school
  • Assisting with work at the hospice
  • Assisting in the parish’s free clinic.

Each missionary will have the chance to participate in a variety of different works of mercy.

All the while, we form strong friendships and, most importantly, we grow in our love for Christ by serving the poor.

We conclude our days with recreation, spiritual conferences, the praying of the rosary, and time for discussion and reflection.

The trip concludes with a pilgrimage to visit some of the relics of Peru’s five canonized saints: St. Martin DePorres, St. Rose of Lima, St. Francis Solanus, St. Toribius de Mongrevejo, and St. John Macias.