The trip is open to young men and women ages 16-21.

If you are interested in joining the mission trip please, download the application form by clicking on the link below

2014 Application Instructions

 2014 SFX Full Application Form.

Fill it out completely, include a check for $200.00 made out to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Seminary: Mission Trip, and mail it to:

St. Francis Xavier Mission Trip

Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary
PO Box 147, Denton, NE 68339

Application Process

1. Download theregistration form and mail it in with a $200 deposit by January 31st. (But the sooner the better, since space is limited!)

Click here for the full registration form: 2014 SFX Full Application Form.

3. Submit your complete registration form including a copy of your passport and the required recommendations. We ask that you either submit a recommendation by a FSSP priest or, if you do not attend an FSSP apostolate, a recommendation by your parish priest AND a recommendation by another non-family member who can speak to your character and maturity.

4. A member of the Mission Trip staff will contact you about conducting a Skype or telephone interview.

5. Upon reviewing your application, we will confirm your spot on the trip.

NB: If you do not already have a passport, you can send your passport information once you have obtained one. A valid passport must be obtained by May, 2014. 

Or click here to send an email for more information.



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    • Kathy · October 27, 2012

      Can you please tell me where the 2014 mission trip will take place?

      • sfxmission · October 27, 2012

        We don’t have dates set just yet. Please check back in October. Thank you for your interest.

  2. Anita · October 27, 2012

    What is the minimum age?

    • sfxmission · October 27, 2012

      The age range is 16-21. Exceptions to this will be made on a case by case basis.

  3. Ann chlebecek · October 27, 2012

    Is there a reason why this mission trip is not open to ” older folk”?
    Do you do any mission trips that are open to all?

    • sfxmission · October 27, 2012

      This is a new program for the Fraternity of St. Peter. Hopefully in the future we’ll have a chance to expand it to give more people the opportunity to participate.
      Thank you for your interest and please pray the success of our trip.

  4. Samantha · October 27, 2012

    Is there a deadline for applications, or are they accepted on an available space basis?

    • sfxmission · October 27, 2012

      We have already filled all the spaces for this year’s trip. We will likely begin accepting applications for the 2014 trip in October. Thank you for your interest.

  5. Patty · October 27

    What is the cost of the trip, aside from the $200 deposit?

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